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10 TV Series Darker Than Game Of Thrones

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  • Posted on 10th Oct, 2022 17:22 PM

Game of Thrones explores darkness and depravity, and it isn't the only series to do so.

Game of Thrones is renowned for its adult themes and disturbing scenes that enthralled and shocked fans throughout its eight-season run. Following the end of Game of Thrones, many fans are seeking shows that fill the gap that Game of Thrones left. There are a lot of series out there that are as dark, perhaps darker still, as some creep into horror territory.

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The difference between other series and Game of Thrones is the theme. Game of Thrones explores the fantastical and magical, whereas other series may be more grounded in reality, or go into ghosts, the supernatural, and horror. Game of Thrones is also not usually scary, but deeper darkness can be.


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American Horror Story is a dark and twisted series that is both feared and loved by fans. It is an anthology series, and the characters, setting, and story change every season. However, there are connections between each one, and fans are left in total suspense as to how they will all end up interlocking.

American Horror Story explores every theme in the book and features incredible cameos from stars such as Lady Gaga and Neil Patrick Harris. If Game of Thrones fans wish to be genuinely shaken to their core, American Horror Story is available to stream on Hulu or Apple TV.

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