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10 TV Villains Fans Respect

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  • Posted on 22nd Sep, 2022 19:31 PM

Despite some dubious activities – including major crimes – some TV villains fans can't help but respect.

It's perfectly common for fans to dislike the villains of TV shows. Villains exist to be an antagonistic force, to make the lives of the protagonists and potentially the rest of the world far, far worse. They're typically not overly sympathetic, and have many negative traits.

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More compelling, however, are those villains that fans can't help but respect. Regardless of the evil they do, there are those villains who, through their virtues, deeds, or simply sheer charisma, can earn not just the sympathy of the audience, but the admiration. Whatever they do, these villains will have some fans.


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Benjamin Linus, at first, makes sporadic appearances in Lost, as he was initially intended to be a minor character. However, his prominence as the leader of the Others grows throughout the show's second season until he becomes one of the show's most prominent villains – and then a morally-ambiguous ally.

Although he's both good at what he does and eventually three-dimensional and sympathetic, what makes Benjamin Linus so compelling and worthy of respect is the intensity present in every scene. Michael Emerson's performance takes a potentially generic villain and makes him something admirable, and something fans always want to see more of.

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