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10 Underrated Time Travel Movies

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  • Posted on 28th Sep, 2022 04:31 AM

Not every time travel film gets its due time in the spotlight, and several deserve another look.

Time travel has long served as one of the most interesting plot devices in science fiction and other genres. However, while many of the most popular time travel films are the ones that have received the most critical attention or have the highest budgets, many stories fall beneath moviegoers' radars.

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Science fiction itself has always been one of the best genres of all mediums of entertainment. The use of time travel has the potential to combine any other genre, from romance to western or thriller to horror. The ability to place characters in new time periods alongside unknown threats and characters always makes for entertaining fiction.


10 Time After Time Features H.G. Wells Chasing Jack the Ripper

While a strong hit among the most devoted science fiction fans, Arrival is often underappreciated by the mainstream. Not only does the film present a fascinating premise, but the effects, sound, and acting combined with Villeneuve's masterful directing make this so great.

One of the greatest science fiction films ever made, Arrival follows a team of scientists as they interact with newly arrived aliens within their ship. The film presents several fascinating concepts, including the perception of time, and sees the aliens addressing an issue in the present that will arise in the future.

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