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10 Upcoming Remakes With The Most Potential

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  • Posted on 14th Sep, 2022 22:32 PM

There are several movie remakes currently in the works, but some of these reimaginings have more potential than others.

Movie remakes have been hugely popular in recent years, but most of these reimaginings are considered to be cash grabs. Generally, these films attract attention but turn out to be a less-popular version of the original. However, now and again, a remake can break the mold.

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Hollywood currently has a slew of remakes and reboots in the works. It's exciting to think that some very talented creative teams are looking to revitalize popular movies. Hopefully, the upcoming remakes with the most potential will see a crew of talented creators improving upon the original. Fans should keep an eye on some of the upcoming reimaginings.


10 Blade Needs A Fresh Take

1992's Nosferatu is a classic vampire horror movie that possesses an eerie atmosphere and terrifying imagery. Due to Nosferatu's success, another version of the story has a lot of potential.

With director Robert Eggers boarding the project, fans are very excited. Egger's involvement almost guarantees that the film will take a different and more artistic approach than most horror films. Not only that, but it will probably have an all-star cast. Anya Taylor-Joy is the only star attached so far, but anyone who's seen The Northman knows that Eggers attracts hugely talented teams.

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