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10 Ways Among Us Keeps Players Coming Back

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  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 20:32 PM

Among Us is just too much fun to put away for good.

Among Us took the world by storm a few years ago, being the perfect game players could indulge in during quarantine. The game had a simple premise, but could become as complex as the players themselves. While its popularity may have died down, it still has a dedicated fanbase that keeps the game going.

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People even see Crewmates in everyday objects, showing just how iconic the simplistic designs are. Like it or not, the game and its cultural influence aren't going away anytime soon. Although the game doesn't see as many players as it once did, it has seen many changes that make it worth revisiting.


10 New Cosmetics Are Frequently Added

The maps get spooky, themed accessories to spruce up the place on Halloween. Green and purple slime covers the walls, and there are decorations like bats, candles, and spiderwebs. There are even seasonal cosmetics that players can obtain during this time.

For Christmas, players can access some free winter-themed hats. If players are in a festive mood and want to celebrate either of these holidays early, all they have to do is change the date on their device.

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