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15 Anime Endings That Ruined The Entire Series

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  • Posted on 14th Oct, 2022 23:22 PM

Many anime are entirely focused on building to an epic finale, so when that finale is a disappointment, it can taint even the best series.

There are few forms of entertainment that have experienced as meteoric a rise as anime. The medium of animated content has progressively grown from a fringe fascination into a mainstream interest that’s established roots in many places beyond Japan. It’s often difficult to know the which anime series are destined to be classics and which anime should be avoided at all costs.

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However, some anime series aren't unilaterally good or bad. Sometimes an accomplished series fails to stick the landing and ruins what could have been a new classic. There are unfortunately too many anime series that become a mixed bag courtesy of their divisive conclusions.

Updated on September 17, 2022 by Daniel Kurland: Modern viewing habits have only made audiences more reactionary. It’s increasingly common for a failed finish to permanently tank a series’ reputation and push fewer people to revisit its glory years. A weak conclusion shouldn’t seal a series’ fate, but it’s become the new normal and put a tremendous amount of pressure on an ending rather than the journey to get there. That being said, some endings are so abrupt and counterintuitive that it’s hard to not feel frustrated.


15/15 The Promised Neverland Erases Its Nuance For An Unearned Ending

Claymore creates a rich world that's full of interesting monsters known as Yoma as well as the female Claymore warriors that hunt them down. Clare is an effective and aggressive protagonist in this violent series, but the immersive world it creates only gets hurt by the abrupt conclusion.

Claymore's final episodes rush through a ton of content so none of the events and character motivations feel justified. Even more egregious, it creates a loose cliffhanger that never gets followed up on. These unnecessary threads and an unsatisfying lack of payoffs are what really hurt Claymore.

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