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15 Best Anime & Manga For Wrestling Fans

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  • Posted on 10th Oct, 2022 17:22 PM

The over-the-top action and personalities found in both anime and wrestling make these two mediums a match made in heaven.

Wrestling has a surprising amount in common with anime. They both feature larger than life heroes, villains who are capable of the most evil acts, and ridiculous fight scenes that defy comprehension. However, more than any of that, anime and wrestling are also environments where characters can freely move between wicked whims and pure intentions without necessarily facing real-world consequences. There's significant crossover between the themes and values of both anime and wrestling, but the similarities go even deeper.

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Anime has established an impressive reputation for all of the diverse places that it's pushed wrestling. There are grounded, patient series that focus on the basics of the sport, while others bravely turn wrestling into a chaotic free-for-all solution to the apocalypse. Between these extreme examples there's a lot for wrestling fans to explore.

Updated on September 14, 2022 by Daniel Kurland: One of the greatest perks of anime is that the medium displays such an intense fascination with every sport on the spectrum. Not to mention a few original creations. Anime has made a home for recreational activities that are as niche as synchronized diving or ping-pong. This allows more combative and physical sports, like wrestling, to excel in anime through eclectic series. Wrestling fans have plenty of options when it comes to anime, both in terms of grounded representation of the sport as well as more fantastical expressions of physical fitness.

15/15 Kick-Heart Is A Kaleidoscopic Burst Of Color And Passion Between Two Wrestlers

Modern reboots and sequel series to classic anime have only become increasingly popular. Tiger Mask W is a recent update to the original Tiger Mask wrestling anime that's able to push the archetypal story to challenging new places. Tiger Mask W feels like both a remake as well as an evolution of its predecessor.

New individuals step into the roles of Tiger Mask and Tiger the Dark as they fight for the future of the Tiger's Lair. The values of these characters reflect the original series, but there's a serious upgrade to the animation and battle choreography. What makes Tiger Mask W such a special wrestling anime is that it's actually affiliated with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Several real wrestlers from the company show up in the series and take on these fictional fighters.

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