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5 Must-Buy Games from the Epic Games Store Mega Sale

5 Must-Buy Games from the Epic Games Store Mega Sale Image
  • Posted on 29th Sep, 2022 10:31 AM

Epic Game's latest sale has serious discounts on some great games. Here are five that are well-worth purchasing.

The Epic Games Store isn't quite at the stage where it's depth and diversity of titles on offer can rival Steam's, but it has become an increasingly smart place to pick up a bargain. Like Steam, the store is happy to regularly slash its prices, with the site's latest event giving players a wide range of titles to snap up for cheap. From May 19 until June 19, the Epic Store will offer discounts on hundreds of titles, some of which have been discounted quite considerably. Even better, Epic has announced it will be giving away a free game each week of the sale.


While there so many games from which to choose, from some critically-acclaimed titans to a few indie gems, some deals are better than others. With that in mind, these are the five games that represent seriously good value for money that will enhance any true gamer's collection.

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Deathloop Will Keep You Coming Back Again & Again ($29.99; 50% off)

Disco Elysium didn't make huge waves when it was released in 2019, but thanks to its positive critical reception and undeniable quality, word of mouth has ensured more and more RPG enthusiasts are waking up to ZA/UM's masterpiece. 2021's Final Cut, meanwhile, improved on the game's playability, added new quests and, most importantly, featured hundreds of new lines of voice-acted dialogue.

The game has players assume the role of an alcoholic detective who must solve a murder by investigating his fractured city and questioning its diverse, often unscrupulous inhabitants. While it doesn't feature any combat, Disco Elysium relies on elaborate and meaningful dialogue trees and the acquisition of nuanced skills and character traits. Beautiful to look at, impeccably designed and darkly comic, Disco Elysium is a triumph of the genre.

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