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8 Horror Video Games That Would Make Great Films

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  • Posted on 01st Oct, 2022 08:42 AM

Some Horror video games are so compelling that they'd make great film adaptations.

Video games within the horror genre offer immersive experiences that are hard to replicate. However, as popular as the video game industry is, film is still a significant media forum that can reach different audiences. It’s because of popular franchises in gaming that the movie industry has begun turning its head in that direction in search of new material.

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Horror games offer chilling and compelling narratives that can, sometimes, be told better through film. However, with how repetitive horror movie tropes have become, it isn’t far off for the film industry to find new ideas elsewhere. As time passes, advancements in film will allow for the adaptations of video game narratives, and plenty of horror games would do well on the screen.


8/8 Until Dawn Can Be A Slasher Film With A Supernatural Twist

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a 2016 survival horror game set in the 1800s that features Daniel, a man that has no memory of his life and past events. The player takes on the role of Daniel as he wakes up in a castle and finds himself being hunted by monsters. The players must uncover what happened and regain Daniel's memories while evading monsters and maintaining his mental well-being.

A film version of the game could reward viewers with a psychological horror that delves into the protagonist's past through both paranormal and psychological aspects. Amnesia is a game that strays away from typical horror action and focuses on a mysterious dread, something that could work well on a screen.

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