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9 Horror Twists No One Can Use Again

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  • Posted on 03rd Oct, 2022 00:31 AM

These horror twists are so good they can only be used once.

2022 has been a landmark year for movies and there are more exciting options for audiences than ever before. Formerly niche genres have now become mainstream fascinations and there’s even greater enthusiasm present for horror movies. There’s nothing quite like a movie creating genuine fear in its audience, but there are all sorts of reasons that people flock to horror films.

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Hyperbolized characters, extreme execution setpieces, and impressive practical effects and monsters are always appreciated. However, the horror genre also loves to indulge in big, bold twists that can make or break the movie. Unfortunately, some of these twists are only effective the first time around and should now be considered off limits.


9/9 A Character Was A Ghost The Whole Time

It’s amazing what trick photography and clever filming can accomplish. The reveal of a conjoined twin was an effective twist that was frequently turned to during the 1980s and ‘90s. One of the strongest Tales From the Crypt episodes turns to this twist to great effect.

Even the revelation that a character used to have a conjoined twin that was removed is still played for shock value. The most recent subversion of this twist is what James Wan does in his heavily stylized Malignant, which will be quite hard to top.

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