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American Dad: Roger's 15 Funniest Personas, Ranked

American Dad: Roger's 15 Funniest Personas, Ranked Image
  • Posted on 18th Sep, 2022 10:32 AM

Roger is one of the most popular characters in American Dad and one of the reasons is his vast array of personas that he uses in every episode.

When American Dad first began, fans were skeptical about the character of Roger. He seemed to be a strange idea: an alien who had once saved CIA agent Stan Smith’s life. As a result of this apparent life debt, Stan Smith hoards Roger the alien in his attic, keeping him safe from the CIA and protecting him from would-be alien hunters.

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As the show evolved, though, Roger became a beloved fixture on the show and a fan-favorite character. His many personas become more than a bit; they become a part of his character that fans love. Which of his personas is the best is a hotly debated topic, but few would argue that these are the ten funniest personas Roger has.

Updated September 10, 2022 by Daniel Kurland:American Dad is one of the extremely few animated series to not only clear the threshold of 300 episodes, but also remain consistent throughout its lengthy run. Some fans even believe that American Dad has actively improved following its transition from FOX to TBS. There's a new confidence and fearlessness to the storytelling, which helps many characters shine, but especially Roger. Some of Roger's best and funniest personas are some of the alien's more recent developments.


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Roger’s funniest persona is easily Ricky Spanish. This persona is so heinous that Roger himself even blacked him out for a while, and every mention of Ricky Spanish’s name brings a hushed whisper of “Ricky Spanish” and some cutaway shot of a horrible thing Ricky Spanish did.

As Ricky Spanish, Roger has done a number of horrible things. It becomes clear that Ricky Spanish is the one responsible, as well, because when Rogu puts on the costume and becomes Rogu Spanish, he, too, commits atrocities; the same is true for Stan when he puts on the Ricky Spanish costume.

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