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Animal Kingdom: Will the TNT Series Get a Spinoff?

Animal Kingdom: Will the TNT Series Get a Spinoff? Image
  • Posted on 31st Aug, 2022 09:29 AM

Animal Kingdom's sixth season was its last. But with plot threads left open and history to explore, is it possible the TNT series will get a spinoff?

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The following contains spoilers for Animal Kingdom Season 6, Episode 13, "Fubar," which aired Sunday on TNT.

After six years, TNT's Animal Kingdom has finally come to an end with its sixth and final season. The long-simmering drama between the Cody family hit an all-time high. J (Finn Cole) carried out his brutal plan of revenge against his uncles, and the results were indeed deadly. Both Pope (Shawn Hatosy) and Craig (Ben Robson) met untimely ends, leaving Deran (Jake Weary) and J as to last two Codys standing. With Deran declaring his desire for vengeance against J, many fans are wondering if a spinoff could be in the works.


TNT Is Open to Animal Kingdom Spinoffs

Animal Kingdom's flashbacks were introduced in Season 4 to juxtaposition a dying Smurf (Ellen Barkin) against her younger self. After killing off Barkin's Smurf in Season 4's penultimate episode, Leila George stepped in to play a younger Janine "Smurf" Cody. The flashbacks were a bit hit or miss among fans, with some complaining that they felt intrusive to the main storyline. Still, many have advocated for a spinoff just focusing on the Codys' past, including George. In June 2022, George told Wonderwall that she'd love to have more time with the character, saying, "I found myself wishing that the whole thing -- my whole part -- had been done as a spinoff so that I did have a chance to go really deep into each decade."

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