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Behind Buffy Season 9: "Angel & Faith" Welcome Drusilla

Behind Buffy Season 9: "Angel & Faith" Welcome Drusilla Image
  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 07:03 AM

Writer Chris Gage and Editor Scott Allie stop by to reveal the secrets of the "Daddy Issues" arc from Giles' history before the Ripper to Drusilla's new plan and beyond with an exclusive look at the cover to issue #10.

One of the Buffyverse's biggest draws is back in more ways than one. Earlier today, news broke that Dark Horse Comics will be welcoming actress Juliet Landau to write a new series starring Drusilla - the twisted vampire she played for years on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer."

Meanwhile, Dru just made her - somehow sane -return to the world of the comics in last month's issue of "Angel & Faith" which opens new questions as to how the breaking of the Seed has impacted her, what her plans are for her former sire and how her return will throw a wrench in Angel's plans to resurrect Giles.


Before issue #7 hits this week, CBR News invited "Angel & Faith" writer Christos Gage and editor Scott Allie for a new installment of our regular BEHIND BUFFY SEASON 9 column to look behind where the series has been so far and what lies ahead from the secret past of Giles to Drusilla's plan to the chilling effects of the Lorophage demon and more.

And be sure to check out our exclusive cover to May's issue #10 while you wait for a full interview with Landau later this week on CBR!

So Drusilla. We know that she's significantly different here from what she's been in the past, and I know that could be part of the changes in the world. But Dru is a character with a very specific voice and feeling. How do you work to keep her authentic to the original even in this new state?

Gage: For me, the point was "Let's not just bring Drusilla back to bring her back." One of the things we've been exploring with Angel is not a madness per se, but when he becomes Angelus it's the dark side coming out and a loss of control. With Faith, she's got that temper that overtakes her. The fun part is messing with that. Now Angel is the one where people are saying, "Is this guy crazy?" and Drusilla is the sane one. She's got these followers, and she's not siring or killing people. She's following Harmony's rules. So it's a matter of "Let's take this familiar character and view them in a new light to see what that reveals about all our characters." And again, I try to follow Joss' example there. He did that a lot in the shows.

What does Drusilla represent for both Angel and Faith in their place in the book right now?

Gage: For him, she represents a sin already committed - taking this girl who in many ways was the opposite of what he was as a human being since she was a good and devout person, and then destroying that. She represents that sin, so it's always difficult for him to deal with her. And what he's trying to do in resurrecting Giles is another way of him making up for his past. So him dealing with past sins will continue to be an issue for him.

With Faith, I'm trying to think of what I can say since we're waiting for her father to come back. Since I'm wary of spoilers, I'll just say that the past coming back to haunt them is going to be a major issue for everyone.

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