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Brandon Graham Detonates "Multiple Warheads"

Brandon Graham Detonates "Multiple Warheads" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 08:32 AM

"King City" writer/artist Brandon Graham tells CBR about his latest Image Comics project, "Multiple Warheads," his passion for comic books and how he crafts his imaginative stories.

He's been making his way in the world of comic books for a while now, but he remains as relentless as someone just breaking in.

Writer/artist Brandon Graham is fully awake now, his style tuned to the frequency only you can hear. The Friend of the New and the Weird. The Bane of Mainstream. A journeyman, he is your Sherpa to Possibilities.

There was the inimitable "King City," with its swagger and multi-tasking godcats and ceaseless puns. Then there was "Prophet," the addicting series that gives you the Galactic Conan you never knew you always wanted. Now there is his new Image Comics series "Multiple Warheads" with its wolf pricks and black market body part smuggling.


This is not your average cartoonist. He is not safe. He is not comfortable. He is a bullet aimed at your ideas of what comics should be. Comic Book Resources spoke with Graham in advance of the first new "Multiple Warheads" miniseries, "Alphabet to Infinity," to discuss the project's long journey, his process and exactly what makes him tick.

CBR News: From your previous interviews I can tell you're a very mild-manneredconversationalist, even-toned and composed. That said, it's clear you have a ton of passion for comic book. You have strong opinions about the current state of the industry, how some creators are treated and, I guess you call it fairness. This is almost unnatural in the comicindustry. What made you decide not to be a fence-sitter, Brandon?

The business end of comics can be a hassle, but the work doesn't have to be.I think it's important to make art for yourself; all the other shit around it is less important. If it's your entertainment and yourtherapyyou'll never want to quit. The idea of quitting comics isridiculousto me at this point, it'd be like quitting reading or saying "fuck it" about going on walks.

It's nice and fun and helps me deal with things.

I always say that my job isn't about making comics as much as it's just staying excited about making comics. But also, it's art. If you get into comics and then find out that you get more out of painting or poetry, that's cool. The medium is less important than what you do with it.

"Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity" #3 is on sale December 19.

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