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Bryan Q. Miller Expands The Universe of "Smallville Season 11"

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  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 04:18 AM

More guest stars, more stories and more Lex Luthor/Superman action are on the way for "Smallville Season 11" as writer Bryan Q. Miller explains how the comic takes off from the TV series.

When it came time to tap a writer to continue "Smallville" -- the fan favorite Superman TV series that ran for ten years on the WB and CW networks -- in comic book form, there was really only one man for the job: Bryan Q. Miller.

A writer on the show during it's later seasons, Miller earned a reputation on the screen for bringing denizens of the DC Comics Universe onto screen with uncanny accuracy, and soon he'd shifted to writing DC comics himself including a beloved run on "Batgirl." Those skills have served him well over the first year of "Smallville Season 11" which serializes first as a digital comic before moving to print form.


Last week, DC announced that the "Season 11" comic would expand in its own way with a special one-shot story running alongside the current "Haunted" arc of the book. As Superman deals with the problem of the mysterious Black Flash alongside Bart "Impulse" Allen in the main narrative, the one-shot will explore Smallville's take on Martian Manhunter and Batman. CBR News spoke to Miller about all the threads he's been playing with since the book's launch, and below the writer describes how the comic is and isn't like the TV show, why more and more DC heroes are on the way to the book, who the audience is for this hybrid project and why in the end, it's all about establishing a Lex Luthor/Superman battle for the ages.

Aside from that, by the time "Haunted" ends, it will shift the paradigm for all of our couples in the series. We'll see those ramifications play out over the next few episodes, but especially three arcs from now we'll have a very heavy Superman/Lex story. We'll revisit that with a vengeance after we've gotten a few more episodes out of the way.

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