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CAKE Brings An Alt Comics Show To Chicago At Last

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  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 22:03 PM

In its first year, the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo brought acclaimed local talent from Jeffrey Brown to Lilli Carre and more for a festival built on community and looking to expand national art comics events beyond the coasts.

From SPX to APE and from MoCCA to BGFC, one of the cornerstones of alternative comics growth over the past decade plus - both for readers and cartoonists alike -has been the alt comics festival. Though online sales and select comic shops help spread art comics across the country, festivals represent perhaps the biggest platform for talent new and old to distribute mini comics, graphic novels and anthology projects.


And as the various festivals on the coasts have grown in size and stature in recent years, one question continually asked has remained, "What about the middle of the country?" That question received its most recent attempt at a permanent answer this weekend at CAKE - AKA the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo -which was held on the eighth floor of Columbia College's Ludington Building Saturday and Sunday.

Though comics-making collectives in Brooklyn or Portland often earn attention online, Chicago boasts an expansive alternative scene alongside its mainstream comics component, and that sense of community permeated the show from conception to floor chatter. "The alternative comics community in Chicago has been talking for a long time about having a show like this," co-organizer Neil Brideau told CBR News at the event. "What [made us do it] was that I started organizing the Chicago Zine Fest with a group of people, which takes place in March. Doing that and seeing it being a successful event motivated me into feeling like we could do something like this. Then it became a much smaller endeavor to tackle."

Overall, the show went off with seeming ease and few complaints from exhibitors. It appeared as though after years of talk of a Chicago alt comics event, CAKE delivered strongly to hopes and expectations. The event will continue next year.

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