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Can Your PC Run Deathloop?

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  • Posted on 29th Sep, 2022 02:31 AM

Deathloop has a gorgeous visual look and plenty of Bethesda's signature style, but does that translate into players needing computer upgrades?

Bethesda games have a legacy of being deep, immersive and visually breathtaking. They also have a history of being particularly demanding, even on gaming PCs. The announcement of the newest offering Deathloop has already impressed fans with its amazing visuals and incredible gameplay, not to mention its incredible time loop gameplay concept. Ahead of its highly anticipated launch, Bethesda has released the recommended specifications for what exactly players will need to make Deathloop come alive.

Deathloop, currently under development by Arkane Studios, will be using the in-house designed Void game engine. Current specs recommendations offer three options in order to accommodate as many potential PC players as they are able: Ultra 4K, recommended and minimum. While the 4K specs require more recent hardware, which can be quite expensive, the minimum recommendations are far more accommodating and should allow most PC owners to get in on the action.

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Bethesda games have never been shy about using hard drive space or RAM in order to keep their games running smoothly. The requirements for this first-person shooter are pretty manageable, a mere 30 GB of storage space on an SSD drive across all specs. For RAM, 16 GB is needed for the Ultra 4K and recommended settings, while only 12 GB is required to run on minimum settings.

Arkane Studios and Bethesda have put together a game that looks absolutely stunning but nonetheless still demanding for settings above the minimum. Though a modest CPU will run Deathloop, it's the game's GPU at recommended and Ultra 4K settings that create a bit of a bar for players to get over. Even using the minimum recommended GPUs will still produce great visuals, as both graphics cards perform well for gaming. The minor use of storage space and RAM is a definite plus. While Deathloop's recommended and Ultra 4K specs may be high, thankfully its minimum recommended specs are reasonable enough to put this game into a lot more player's hands.

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