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Casey & Rouleau Bring Action To "Ultimate Spider-Man"

Casey & Rouleau Bring Action To "Ultimate Spider-Man" Image
  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 04:32 AM

In advance of Saturday's premiere of Marvel Studios latest animation project, Man of Action members Joe Casey and Duncan Roleau go inside "Ultimate Spider-Man" revealing the unique humor and big stories behind the series.

From its announcement last year, Marvel Studios has been promising something different from its incoming "Ultimate Spider-Man" animated series, which debuts this Sunday morning at 11:00 AM ET/PT on Disney XD. From a story hook that sees Spidey and a group of teen heroes from Nova to Iron Fist joining the ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D. to the inclusion of comic creators like Paul Dini and Brian Michael Bendis on the show's creative staff, a lot has gone into making the series stand apart from previous Spider-Man cartoons.


But at the core of the changes and challenges of "Ultimate Spider-Man" stand a group equally familiar to comic readers and cartoon watchers: the Man of Action collective. Made up of four comic creators known for their superhero work and creator owned titles, Man of Action are already responsible for Cartoon Network's hugely popular "Ben 10" and "Generator Rex" series, and the quartet serves as story editors overviewing every script for "Ultimate Spider-Man."

To give readers one more glimpse inside the show before this Sunday's premier, CBR News spoke with Man of Action's Joe Casey and Duncan Rouleau (and expect video with fellow members Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle later this week) about their connection to Spider-Man, the role S.H.I.E.L.D. will play in the lives of Peter Parker and his young fans, the visual dynamics and humor of the series and their experience making kids cartoons.

Rouleau: On the MOA front we are working on several other animated shows that we cannot talk about - just yet - but be assured CBR will be one of the first find out about them [Note: Since this interview was conducted news of three new Man of Action projects hit, and Spinoff Online has the details]. I am finally finishing up the much anticipated last two issues of "The Great Unknown," putting out a colored hardback edition of my graphic novel "The Nightmarist," and writing a new book with the great artist Shawn McManus which we will announce further details on later this year.

Stay tuned to CBR for more from "Ultimate Spider-Man" creators Joe Kelly and Steven T. Seagle.

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