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Coolest Action Movie Stars Of All Time

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  • Posted on 03rd Oct, 2022 16:31 PM

Some of the coolest action movie stars have given fans iconic one-liners, impressive fight scenes, and some of the best stunt work in film.

Action films tend to be rife with rough, tough, and no-nonsense protagonists who the audience can't help but root for. Many talented actors have become action stars and their careers have been filled with some impressive action sequences, memorable lines, and the most iconic characters ever to grace the big screen.

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Whether wielding a weapon, jumping out of an aircraft, or using their own bodies as a shield, these stars have endured long training sessions to make sure their films are full of remarkable moments and stories. While action films aren't always realistic, the coolest action stars make the movies feel authentic and entertaining.


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There's nothing Tom Cruise hasn't tried and there probably isn't anything he can't do. Over the past 30 years, Cruise has successfully completed every fight, parkour, and flight stunt he has attempted. Not only can he be considered one of the most daring actors in Hollywood, but he's also one of the top producers when it comes to cool, entertaining, and action-packed films.

Known for performing all of his own stunts, it's safe to say Tom Cruise is one of the coolest action stars of all time. With Mission Impossible, Top Gun, Edge of Tomorrow, and The Last Samurai under his belt, Cruise has cemented himself as an incredibly impressive star.

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