Days Missing: Kestus #4

Days Missing: Kestus #4 Image
  • Posted on 16th May, 2022 17:00 PM

Archaia and Roddenberry Productions continue the history-making series DAYS MISSING! January 1st, 2000-the dawn of a new century came and went without incident. Or did it? On a day of fear and uncertainty, excitement and anticipation, with billions of dollars spent in preparation and humanity's way of life hanging in the balance, The Steward encounters a true-life super villain bent on bringing the horror of Y2K to the world. Since the dawn of mankind, the enigmatic Steward has guided our destiny in solitude. But now he's not alone-the immortal woman known as Kestus leads a secret society capable of predicting The Steward's comings and goings. How will they affect the impending Y2K disaster? DAYS MISSING: KESTUS #4 adds another chapter to the thrilling exploits of The Steward, a being whose ability to "fold" days of time has resulted in critical human events being absent from our historical record. Although their existence is not remembered...the occurrences of these days have forever changed the course of Earth's evolution!


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