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DC Comics Linewide Events Of The 90s, Ranked

DC Comics Linewide Events Of The 90s, Ranked Image
  • Posted on 16th Oct, 2022 23:22 PM

DC Comics produced several events that ran through every comic line from the 90s. Among them, the greatest events had a lasting impact on readers.

In the 1990s, DC Comics couldn't get enough of company-wide events. There was a standard format of a limited series, and almost every title had at least one crossover issue. A few times, DC even limited the crossovers to the annuals, giving the event a sense of grandeur. Unfortunately, this also allowed fans to ignore an event completely.

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It seemed to work for DC, at least for the decade's first half. As the industry collapsed in the latter half of the 1990s, the events became more desperate. Even so, the creative forces at DC determined to make some comics that felt worthy of involving the entire line of DC Comics.


10/10 Bloodlines (1993) Introduced A Slew Of Forgettable Characters

When a Sun-Eater arrived in the solar system, Earth's heroes marshaled their power to defeat it. Unfortunately, their first effort failed, and the planet plunged into darkness, growing ever colder. Even Lex Luthor helped develop a bomb to destroy the Sun-Eater. Every hero pitched in to help others survive the freezing of Earth.

The new young hero Ferro attempted to deliver the bomb until Hal Jordan saved his life. Hal used the full extent of his power as Parallax to destroy the Sun-Eater and restore Earth after days of sub-freezing temperatures. The core Final Night miniseries by Karl Kesel, Stuart Immonen, José Marzan, Jr., and Lee Loughridge, proved an outstanding narrative. Many tie-in issues helped the series along, introducing Ferro and highlighting Hal Jordan's decision to help.

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