DC's Zero Month Sales Help Edge Out 2011 Numbers

DC's Zero Month Sales Help Edge Out 2011 Numbers Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 13:18 PM

DC executives Bob Wayne and John Cunningham are back to discuss the performance of the New 52's #0 month in September including the line's overall future, plus exclusive digital sales rankings show a "Dark Knight" bump for Frank Miller.

Just over one year ago, comic fans and retailers alike were wondering what impact DC Comics New 52 relaunch would have on the comics market. Today, the results are undeniably positive, though the degree of success and the prospects for the future of comics, as always, remain vigorously debated.

Last week, the latest fuel to the fire of fan and professional chatter came in the form of Diamond Comic Distributors September sales numbers. This time out, DC did very well with their one-year anniversary stunt where all the New 52 titles received origin-centric #0 issues -taking #2 through #10 on the top ten listings -though periodical sales were a bit down year-over-year in a month that only had four Wednesdays to 2011's five. Still, robust graphic novels sales raised the bar overall for September, leaving DC with a lot to feel good about.


CBR News spoke with SVP of Sales Bob Wayne and SVP of Marketing John Cunningham about the September performance of the #0 issues and what they said about the state of the New 52 overall. Would more titles be dropped or added to the line in the wake of the one year anniversary? Could Marvel's incoming Marvel NOW! relaunch shake up the market again? And how do digital sales, evidenced by CBR's exclusive top 20 sales rankings, factor in when books nearly 30 years old continue to rank high up the charts? Read on for their responses to that and more.

Cunningham: And it mirrors what we've seen when looking through the Neisen BookScan analysis of the book market. We've seen week-to-week jumps on the numbers for Frank Miller's graphic novels in conjunction with that DVD/BluRay release as well. I think it's one of those things where it's more evident through digital because those numbers mix frontlist and backlist. And it's evident through BookScan because new titles and backlist are mixed together. Just the way Diamond reports, there's not such a way to see what impact this is having inside comic shops, but my best guess would be that they also saw some pretty healthy increases on sales of the "DKR" graphic novel.

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