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Deathloop: Trailer, Plot, Release Date & News to Know

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  • Posted on 29th Sep, 2022 00:31 AM

After a series of high-profile delays, Arkane Studios' Deathloop is finally ready to put players in the middle of a time-bending conspiracy.

The new first-person assassination game from celebrated developers Arkane Studios, Deathloop has seemingly been in development forever since it was first shown at the 2019 Bethesda showcase. Arkane, perhaps best known for the Dishonored series, is also responsible for Prey and worked on some of the Wolfenstein games. It's safe to say that Arkane is experienced in the field of first-person action games, and the studio's new direction with Deathloop is looking very exciting.


Despite the hype, the game has suffered in the public eye. Multiple delays and controversy over where the title would end up following the Bethesda purchase by Microsoft have stained the game's legacy before it even releases. However, that could all be forgotten if the game that releases is as good as the trailers lead you to believe.

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Can You Escape the Deathloop?

Deathloop was hit hard by delays, and the COVID-19 pandemic only made things worse. Originally announced in 2019, Deathloop was delayed several times from its original 2020 release date. After announcing a planned May 2021 release date, the game was again delayed. Currently, Deathloop is scheduled to release September 14, 2021 on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, roughly one year after its original intended release. In addition to the Standard release, a Deluxe edition is available that includes pre-order bonuses such as character skins, weapon cosmetics and unique weapons.

Despite the acquisition of ZeniMax and its subsidiary Bethesda, Deathloop will maintain its original plans of console exclusivity, as confirmed by Xbox Game Studios head Phil Spencer. Versions of the game will release for other consoles when that exclusivity window ends in September 2022.

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