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Documenting "The Image Revolution"

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  • Posted on 17th Sep, 2022 01:03 AM

Tim spoke with filmmaker Patrick Meaney about what he's learned from Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis, and what's in store for the upcoming documentary feature, "The Image Revolution."


I've known Patrick Meaney for years, back in the days when we were both writing books for Sequart, back before he'd ever put Grant Morrison's face on the big screen. Since those days, Meaney has been making a career as a filmmaker and shining the light on the world of comics whenever he has a chance. First came the Morrison documentary, "Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods," then he directed "Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts" about another influential iconoclast. Now he has turned his attention to a group of comic book rabble-rousers who dared to try something different: in 2013's "The Image Revolution," Meaney spotlights the rise and near-fall and resurrection of Image Comics.


I know that he has a Twitter account set up at @theimagerev for more information on the production, and I know that it was partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign to which I eagerly contributed, but I haven't seen anything from the film beyond a few glimpses available online. And I haven't had a chance to talk to Patrick about these comic book documentaries he's making, at least not since he's turned from the guy who was making one Morrison movie to a guy who has made a mini-career out of putting comic book creators in the camera's glow.

So we talked a bit this week about the documentaries and what he's learned along the way.

As for when the film will be released, we'll hopefully be finished around January or February, and then go out to some festivals. I's hard to say exactly when it will be available for people, but it'll be sometime in 2013.

In addition to writing reviews and columns for COMIC BOOK RESOURCES, Timothy Callahan is the author of "Grant Morrison: The Early Years" and editor of "Teenagers from the Future: Essays on the Legion of Super-Heroes" anthology. More of his thoughts on comics can be seen regularly at the Geniusboy Firemelon blog.

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