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Every Upcoming Video Game Based On Marvel Comics

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  • Posted on 22nd Oct, 2022 20:22 PM

Teasing several promising video games, Marvel plans to incorporate everything from open-world RPGs to card-based titles to bring its comics to life.

Marvel Comics is enjoying a period of pop culture prosperity. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become one of the most popular and successful entertainment franchises of all time. People enjoy Marvel content in the cinema, on their televisions, online, and even in comic books. With this spread of media, it's little surprise Marvel has plenty of video games to their name.

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There are currently several celebrated Marvel video games in existence, including Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel'sSpider-Man. However, things look even brighter on the horizon for gamers and Marvel fans. Several projects have been announced to be in development, encompassing a wide range of Marvel content.


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Most upcoming Marvel video games take place in the present, following the cues of the MCU. However, one upcoming game by Skydance Media plans to look back to an older age for the Marvel Universe. The game is untitled, and little more is known about it other than the base concept. It will focus on Captain America and Black Panther, working together in World War II to fight HYDRA.

The game will feature King Azzuri as the Black Panther, rather than the King T'Challa best-known to fans. Besides its two central characters, it will also give players the chance to play as Wakandan spy, Nanali, and Howling Commandos member Gabriel Jones. Based on its cast and setting, it seems likely that the game will take some inspiration from the Flags of ur Fathers story arc.

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