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EXCLUSIVE: Ales Kot Sets Up a "Dead Drop" for X-O Manowar, Archer & More

EXCLUSIVE: Ales Kot Sets Up a "Dead Drop" for X-O Manowar, Archer & More Image
  • Posted on 12th Sep, 2022 17:14 PM

CBR has the

This May, Ales Kot and Adam Gorham place the Valiant Universe firmly in their crosshairs in the new four-issue miniseries "Dead Drop." Featuring an ensemble cast, the series follows Archer, X-O Manowar, Detective Cujedo (from "Quantum & Woody"), Neville Alcott (from "Ninjak") and Beta-Max(!) as they attempt to shut down an alien contagion which has made its way into the hands of New York's black market.

And Archer's not wearing any pants.

Each issue of the miniseries follows a different character as they play their part in trying to protect the streets of New York from both the virus and the players threatening to release it on the World. With "Dead Drop" launching in a few months, CBR News spoke with writer Ales Kot about his first steps into the Valiant Universe, working with his "Zero" collaborator Adam Gorham, and what to expect from the series.


CBR News: The mini picks up characters from all across the books, including several I don't think anybody could've predicted -- how much familiarity did you have with the Valiant Universe before this series?

You're working with one of your collaborators on "Zero," Adam Gorham, who was artist for issue #12. How did you both come to Valiant? I know that in the past you've helped in forming creative teams on books like "Secret Avengers" -- did you suggest Adam for this story?

I did. Warren Simons and I have collaborated on who the right artist for the story should be, and we both agreed on Adam, who did an astonishing job on "Zero" #12. I'm excited to collaborate with him again.

How does your collaborative process work out, following on from "Zero?" Do you prefer to give him quite a specific script, or to instead give him more freedom in what approach he takes to each page?

Open script, almost no dialogue for the first two scripts -- then a much tighter full script for the two following issues.

Freedom is crucial, always. Respect your artists. Respect your collaborators. Art is communication. Everyone needs to be free to do their best work.

How are you finding the experience of writing both for hire and for your own books? Having written at Marvel and DC, how have you found the collaboration with Valiant's editorial on "Dead Drop?"

The second question: my answer is easy.

As for my answer to your first question, ask me again in July.

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