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EXCLUSIVE: Archie Takes "New Crusaders" To Print

EXCLUSIVE: Archie Takes "New Crusaders" To Print Image
  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 03:32 AM

Archie Editorial Director Paul Kaminski describes the publisher's plans for print with the digital series "New Crusaders" while dropping hints of the future of Steel Sterling, the Web and the Jaguar.

Since it was announced late last year, Archie Comics incoming all-ages superhero revival "New Crusaders" has been having traditional comics readers asking one question: what about print?

Launching on May 16 as a special digital app via RedCircleComics.com where readers can download new installments of the story by Ian Flynn and Ben Bates every week as well as accessing the history of the franchise through Archie's long list of old school superhero comics, the book to date has been focused only on 21st Century tech. But today, CBR is able to report that print plans are underway for a traditional print component to the series.


In our second big interview with Archie Editorial Director Paul Kaminski and Marketing Manager/Red Circle brain trust member Alex Segura (read the first right here), we go deeper inside "New Crusaders" to get a look at how the teen heroes will adapt to life after tragedy, why Steel Sterling was central to the series creation, what new powers and predicaments await the Web, what's behind the mask of the new Jaguar and when and how Archie will roll the series out to print.

Kaminski: Evette or "Ivy" as she's known to her friends is really withdrawn. She is the complete opposite of an Indiana Jones type. In fact, she's super shy. She's also one of the few kids here who's not directly related to the legacy that she inherits. She becomes the apprentice to the original Jaguar, Ralph Hardy, in his various zoological, Steve Irwin-type escapades. Post supervillainy in the age of retirement, Jaguar became this kind of zoological crusader rather than a mighty one. And Ivy was taken under his wing, so she is probably the least prepared for any kind of superheroics. But we'll also see as the book goes on that she's maybe more prepared for this than she thinks and that it's maybe a more natural fit than she thinks. But her character is someone I'm really excited about because it's the antithesis of what you'd think of a superhero as.

Has it changed how you guys create this material since you're telling these stories as weekly installments that build into issues that build into seasons?

Kaminski: That's one of Ian's strong suits. Ian can write any kind of story, but building bigger ideas is one of his strong suits. We're particularly excited about building some trades up in general because it hits all kinds of mass market that sometimes the digital or single issues can't hit. This is all about getting this material out there. And Ian's done a terrific job of taking the smaller concepts he might have done in a one part story and being able to integrate them into a larger narrative. With the "New Crusaders," I'm really excited about this idea of a season - having a beginning and an end and then launching it again with a new story. It's exciting. I'm stoked!

Stay tuned for more on "New Crusaders" from Archie and CBR!

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