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EXCLUSIVE: Brian Wood Welcomes Garry Brown to "The Massive"

EXCLUSIVE: Brian Wood Welcomes Garry Brown to "The Massive" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 17:18 PM

"The Massive" creator/writer Brian Wood sat down with incoming artist Garry Brown to discuss his background, expectations and reactions to the series' unique storytelling challenges. Plus,

With "The Massive" #4, Kristian Donaldson steps out and artist Garry Brown steps in as the new ongoing artist on the series. A Scot who went to the Kubert School in New Jersey and now lives in California, he's put in time at 2000AD, IDW, BOOM! and now at Dark Horse, where he's drawn "Mass Effect" and "Dark Matter."

I wanted to give him a proper introduction and show off some of his incredible work on the book. He really had to hit the ground running with "The Massive," not only in terms of working on a tight schedule, but the detail and complexity of the world, all the ships and locations. He's amazing, and as we move past these first few issues he's drawn and onwards through the life of the series, I can't wait to see how he makes his mark, and how his skills evolve.


Brian Wood: Hey, Garry. So you and I first "met" in early 2011 -- you emailed me with some samples, and an interest in maybe drawing some "Northlanders." I couldn't make that happen in the time that was remaining on the series, I regret. But your work was solid, really nice -- reminds me of artists Jock or JP Leon, or the bastard child of the two. Tell me about your career up to that point, when we started chatting. I know you went to the Kubert School.New Jersey is just like Scotland, right?

I'm really enjoying the scripts. It's a new environment and character each time, so far. All three of the main characters are interesting to me. I think Mag is a cool character. He's got his own way of doing things and ideas about how things should be done. He's not scared of getting a little bloody along the way. You never really know which way he's going to go in a situation.

Garry Brown takes over as artist on Brian Wood's "The Massive" with issue #4, on sale in September.

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