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EXCLUSIVE: David Hine Destroys Jackie Estacado In "Darkness Falls"

EXCLUSIVE: David Hine Destroys Jackie Estacado In "Darkness Falls" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 02:03 AM

Top Cow's long-running "Darkness" series comes to an end in July, and CBR has the

The Top Cow Universe is a mess, and it's all Jackie Estacado's fault. The Darkness-bearer severely disturbed the cosmic balance when he overhauled all of reality -- with a few changes specifically designed to benefit himself -- at the end of publisher's first major "Artifacts" storyline.

David Hine and Jeremy Haun have been writing and drawing Estacado's adventures in "The Darkness" since Jackie's reality-altering escapades, kicking off his place in the new reality by giving the one-time mob hitman the ideal life: a wife who loved him (and used to be dead in the old universe), an older version of his daughter Hope and a doppleganger to house the Darkness in. But as you might expect from the a book about the personification of blackness and evil, happiness will never last. Jackie's tampering with cosmic forces woke up some very angry, very old gods who made themselves known in the recent Progeny crossover.


All of this comes to a head in July's surprise finale of "The Darkness." Top Cow told CBR News exclusively that with the release of "Darkness" #116, the long-running series will be no more. In its place will rise "Darkness Falls," a three-issue series written by Hine, drawn by Stjepan Sejic ("Witchblade," "Artifacts") and designed to wrap the story of the Darkness and change Top Cow forever.

CBR News: Jackie and his clone have become the center of the Top Cow Universe after the events of the original "Artifacts" and Rebirth. What's it been like, kind of steering the ship?

David Hine: It has been very smooth sailing. Since Rebirth we've seen that the universe that Jackie made is identical to the world as we knew it, except for a couple of changes that Jackie considered minor from a global perspective. He brought back his dead girlfriend and made her the mother of his child. What could possibly go wrong?

And finally, will you be hanging around the Top Cow Universe post-"Darkness Falls?"

Yes -- I guess I've dropped a couple of bombshells in this interview: ending the monthly series, killing our lead character. What I'm keeping under wraps is what happens next!

The beginning of the end for Jackie Estacado kicks off in "Darkness" #112, on April 24, leading up to the series finale in July.

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