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EXCLUSIVE: Lolos' Opens "Electronomicon" with "Last Call 2" & "Akaneiro"

EXCLUSIVE: Lolos' Opens "Electronomicon" with "Last Call 2" & "Akaneiro" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 06:03 AM

Cartoonist Vasilis Lolos discusses his upcoming Oni OGNs "Last Call 2" & "Electronomicon" and the "Akaneiro: Demon Hunters" miniseries at Dark Horse. Plus,

There's another world living inside Vasilis Lolos' mind. One that runs off of electric lungs and electric nerves and neon signs that fire off strange and weird ideas that no one can capture, save him. His mind is like an island made of unused replicant parts and Otomo extras, jutting from the waters of impossibilities, its only inhabitants the offbeat characters he's created with his ink and words.


"Last Call 2" is the first of these beautifully morbid creations: an OGN about two boys on an interdimensional ghost train, soon to hit finer comic shops at the end of the month from Oni Press. Then there's the three-issue "Akaneiro: Demon Hunters" miniseries at Dark Horse Comics in May, where Lolos will be drawing an armor-clad Red Riding Hood set in what can only be described as an amalgamation of Japanese RPGs. And finally, "Electronomicon" is a bizarre, futuristic story where cyberpunk clashes with a love of retro junk also published by Oni and set for release later this year. Lolos spoke with Comic Book Resources about his offbeat projects, his inspirations and his reaction to the comic book industry.

CBR News: Vasilis, recently you posted an inspired take on Spider-Man 2099, yours being a man covered in mech-armor, and having arms for legs. Is this a direction you'd like to see some of the more mainstream characters take? Are there any specific characters or titles you'd like to work on?

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"Last Call 2" is on sale January 30 from Oni Press, and you can read a preview right now on CBR. Oni will also release "Electronomicon" later this year. "Akaneiro: Demon Hunters" begins in May from Dark Horse, and you can see more of Lolos' work on his personal website

EXCLUSIVE: Lolos' Opens "Electronomicon" with "Last Call 2" & "Akaneiro" View Story

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