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EXCLUSIVE: McKeever Deals with Big Ideas in "Miniature Jesus"

EXCLUSIVE: McKeever Deals with Big Ideas in "Miniature Jesus" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 04:32 AM

"Meta 4" and "Mondo" writer/artist Ted McKeever talks about bringing his unique take to a returned religious figure in his latest Shadowline/Image series "Miniature Jesus." Plus, an

Ted McKeever's latest comic might feature angels, devils and a diminutive messiah, but it also helped the creator deal with some of his own demons. The mind behind such indie comic classics as "Transit" and "Metropol" as well as recent Image Comics/Shadowline books "Mondo" and "Meta 4" deals with everything from sobriety and reconciliation to mummified cats and a literal angel/devil duo of the shoulder-sitting variety.


"Miniature Jesus" stars Chomsky, a recovering alcoholic trying to put a new life together for himself, a task made more difficult by the actual presence of the aforementioned shoulder advisors and the title character, who really does happen to be Jesus returned to a world that doesn't think nearly as much about him as the one he previously inhabited.

McKeever pulled from his own experiences when figuring out the story, putting many of them on the page transmogrified through a lens that involves zombies and the like. With such an interesting tale in the telling, CBR News talked to McKeever about Chomsky's life, his own working methods and how a mummified cat fits into the whole thing.

That all said, the therapeutic part comes from something someone said to me during the first years of my sobriety attending meetings. This guy said to me, "It's easy getting sober, and it's hard staying sober." I was like, "What the hell are you talking about? Getting sober is like climbing a mountain of glass with no arms." 12 years later and I now look back and see how right he was. As time passes, all the drunken stupid bastardly dumb crap I did fades and all that remains is the laughing and parties and disconnected feeling of (pathetically induced) euphoria. So what I do now is remind myself of how poisoned I was. How it almost literally killed me. But by opening myself up in a story like this one, allows me to remember all the dark times and in turn, helps me go through another day knowing I'm on the right path.

Ted McKeever's "Miniature Jesus" #1 debuts from Shadowline and Image Comics on April 17.

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