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EXCLUSIVE: McLaughlin Spills on "Youngblood's" 75th Issue

EXCLUSIVE: McLaughlin Spills on "Youngblood's" 75th Issue Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 09:03 AM

Writer John McLaughlin spoke with CBR News about penning the 75th issue of "Youngblood" for Image Comics and the conflict between new and old Shaft, plus, an

It may have taken 20 years for "Youngblood" to hit the 75 issue mark, but that doesn't dampen the celebration one bit. The very first Image Comics series ever released was rejuvenated this year along with several other of creator Rob Liefeld's concepts and comics as The Image co-founder returned to the company he helped launch with a slew of titles including "Prophet," "Supreme," "Glory" and, of course, "Youngblood."


To bring the world's media darling superheroes back to comic stands, Liefeld tapped the talents of "Black Swan," "Hitchcock" and "Parker" screenwriter John McLaughlin and artist Jon Malin ("New Warriors"), with the outspoken creator even getting in on the art fun himself. Since the series' relaunch with issue #71, McLaughlin has stuck to one-and-done stories peppered with a few overarching plot lines, including former Shaft Jeff Terrel's investigation of time-displaced, dead versions of his one-time teammate Vogue, Badrock's mysterious affliction and the new Shaft's difficulty running his team.

"Youngblood" #75 by John McLaughlin and artists Jon Malin and Rob Liefeld goes on sale December 19.

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