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EXCLUSIVE: Rob Williams Walks Judge Dredd Into "Closet"

EXCLUSIVE: Rob Williams Walks Judge Dredd Into "Closet" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 06:18 AM

Rob Williams discusses "Judge Dredd: Closet," his upcoming"2000 AD" tale that takes a satirical look at serious issues facing teens today by sending future cop Dredd into the gay club life of Mega-City One.

Judge Dredd has gotten himself out a lot of tight spots over the years, but on January 30, the hard-chinned future cop finds himself stuck somewhere he's never been before: the closet. In Rob Williams' "Judge Dredd: Closet," Dredd finds himself investigating a Mega-City One gay fetish club where the fetish is Dredd, himself.

Williams comes fresh off "2000 AD's" critical and sales hit "Trifecta," which he masterminded with co-writers Si Spurrier and Al Ewing. Joining Williams for "Closet" is artist Mike Dowling, best known for penciling "Rex Royd" in Mark Millar's "CLiNT" anthology.


Williams spoke with Comic Book Resources about "Closet," discussing his take on Dredd's sexuality, what you would expect from a first date with Dredd, whether or not he feels the hard line judge makes a good role model and more.

CBR News: Rob, what's the basic story of "Judge Dredd: Closet?"

Teaser art for "Closet" by Mike Dowling

Is Dredd a good role model?

That depends on your perspective. He's a good role model in terms of discipline, respecting the law, being a good citizen, even in terms of altruism. Sure, he's a fascist, but he's devoted his entire life to protecting and serving the citizens, in his own way. He attempts to save lives constantly. He'll go to any lengths to protect his city. He's stood up for mutant rights in the past.

"Judge Dredd: Closet" by Rob Williams and Mike Dowling appears in "2000 AD" prog 1817, on sale in the UK and worldwide digitally through the "2000 AD" app on January 30.

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