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Fraser Kicks Off "Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time"

Fraser Kicks Off "Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 08:18 AM

Artist Simon Fraser speaks out about penciling the first issue of IDW's ambitious new miniseries featuring a different artist drawing a different TV incarnation of Doctor Who every issue.

IDW Publishing wanted to make sure they did every TV incarnation of Doctor Who justice in their upcoming miniseries "Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time," launching this January from writers Scott and David Tipton. So they lined up a different artist for every single issue of the 12-issue miniseries, one for each different TV incarnation of "Doctor Who."

The first issue of "Prisoners of Time" will feature the very first Doctor, Willliam Hartnell, as its lead. Bringing Hartnell to life is Brooklyn-based Scottish-born artist Simon Fraser. Fraser is perhaps best known for his contributions to both "2000 AD" and the "Judge Dredd Megazine," having very recently completed the 15-year epic series "Nikolai Dante" for "2000 AD."


Fraser spoke with Comic Book Resources about "Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time," the pressure involved with taking on the legendary British property, his favorite Doctors, his unique studio space in Brooklyn, his early obsession with the Doctor and more.

CBR News: Simon, how did you get involved with "Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time?"

His "Who" work comes on the heels of wrapping up the 15-year epic "Nikolai Dante" in "2000 AD"

What other projects do you have coming up after "Prisoners of Time?"

Next up I have a four-page short in "2000 AD" written by Monty Nero called "Rocket de la Revolucion."

I'll be continuing Lilly Mackenzie's adventures at activatecomix.comin the new year. Then that will eventually be published in the "Judge Dredd Megazine" when it's done.

I'll be contributing to Alex de Campi's "Grindhouse" anthology with a 20-pager called "Prison Ship Antares" -- think "Caged Heat" in space!

After that I have a number of pitches in various stages of progress. Look for updates on simonfraser.net.

Finally, what's more British in your opinion: "Doctor Who" or "2000 AD?"

That's like asking which is more British, the Beatles or the Stones? Tom Jones or The Clash? They each cater to a different type of Britishness. "2000 AD" is the angry, disreputable, noisy side, while "Doctor Who" is a bit more of a cosy, middle-class, oddball aberration. They are each the product of their time. Britishness changes and develops over time. Which is cool.

"Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time" #1 written by Scott and David Tipton and featuring the art of Simon Fraser from IDW Publishing goes on sale January 30th.

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