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Green Lantern's 10 Greatest Villains, Ranked

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  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 21:31 PM

Comprising threats external and within the Green Lanterns' own yard, several villains spread destruction through the galaxy, becoming notable threats.

The intergalactic heroes of DC's cosmos, the Green Lanterns, are as defined by their adventures on Earth as they are by their patrolling of space. Names like John Stewart, Hal Jordan, and Kyle Rayner ring loud in the halls of celebrated heroes as they keep Sector 2814 at peace.

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While the Green Lanterns and their allies fight earthbound as well as cosmic crime, some villains are worse than others. Between evil Lantern corps, bloodthirsty supervillains, and galactic evil scientists, the Emerald Knights work hard to ensure no evil escapes their sight.


10 Major Force Is The Origin Of "Fridging"

First the greatest of the Green Lanterns and then their greatest enemy, Sinestro remains one of the DC Universe's most enduring antagonists. After becoming a Lantern to further instill order over the galaxy, Thaal Sinestro put his homeworld of Korugar under his own totalitarian control.

It was only when Sinestro's protégé Hal Jordan exposed his work to the Guardians that Sinestro was removed from the Corps.

Since then, Sinestro menaced the DC Universe as a Legionnaire of Doom and the founder of the Sinestro Corps, harnessing the yellow energy of fear. Although Sinestro occasionally commits noble acts, his hatred, anger, and desire for power ultimately define him.

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