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Greg Pak Returns To The Origins of "Batman/Superman"

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  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 04:18 AM

In his first full interview on his first DC Comics gig, writer Greg Pak describes how younger, more dangerous heroes populate the story of "Batman/ Superman" in the world's finest first New 52 meeting.

Greg Pak is known amongst superhero readers for stories full of smashing gods whose stories dug up some deep character moments. But up until today, that sensibility was defined by one side of the Big Two equation.

With the announcement this afternoon that the longtime "Incredible Hulk" writer would team with Jae Lee on a new "Batman/Superman" ongoing series, Pak is making his mark on the DC Comics universe for the first time. And adding to that new series idea is the hook of the story: a first meeting between the two iconic heroes within the history of the company's New 52 relaunch.


CBR News reached out to Pak to discuss how this story came to be, and below the writer explains his own history with Batman and Superman, explains how this book and this story will be different from past meet-ups between the World's Finest heroes and describes why younger, more dangerous heroes will combine with Lee's signature stylings for a whole new world of ideas.

CBR News: Greg, when I first heard the news about "Batman/Superman, my reaction was, "This can't be the first time Greg Pak has written anything for DC, can it?" But a quick Google search confirmed it was. How did you end up talking to the folks over there and landing this job?

"Batman/Superman" #1 ships this spring from DC Comics.

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