Greg Weisman Brings Big Plans To "Young Justice: Invasion"

Greg Weisman Brings Big Plans To "Young Justice: Invasion" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 14:18 PM

The executive producer of Cartoon Network's DC Nation hit "Young Justice," Greg Weisman discusses his plans for the "Invasion" series from Roy Harper's return to the possibility of the New Gods, and CBR has two

In the world of superhero animation, Greg Weisman is known as the man with the plan.

From his acclaimed '90s series "Gargoyles" through his fan favorite run with "Spectacular Spider-Man," the writer and executive producer puts together shows chock full of world-building and continuity where twists and turns often become major payoffs as the seasons develop.

Currently, Weisman is at the helm of "Young Justice: Invasion" -the second season of the Cartoon Network series that has grown to anchor the DC Nation block of Saturday morning programming. After a first season that wrapped with Vandal Savage taking control of the Justice League for some mysterious intergalactic sabotage, the "Invasion" story takes place five years after Season 1 with some major shake-ups to the team. Robin has become Nightwing, Kid Flash has retired and Aqualad has turned to the dark side, teaming up with his father Black Manta...or so it seemed.


With the seventh episode of "Invasion," "Young Justice" pulled a suitably Weisman-esque turn to reveal that Aqualad had been undercover the whole time. With the aide of the original six YJ team members, Aqualad faked the death of Artemis to get closer to the villainous cabal known as The Light and in the process brought the teen archer along for the black ops mission on Black Manta's sub.

Now weeks of hiatus away from that shocking reveal, "Young Justice" returns to Cartoon Network this Saturday to continue the story of Roy Harper - the teen sidekick known as Speedy - who was in stasis for years while his clone (now called Red Arrow) took his place on the team. CBR News spoke with Weisman about his overall plans for the show, how the original six heroes remain the heart of the series, what complications lay ahead for Speedy, Red Arrow and their mentor Green Arrow, whether Tim Curry's G. Gordon Godfrey will lead to a turn for Jack Kirby's classic New Gods characters and how his continuation of the show in comics form at DC helps him flesh out the "Young Justice" story as much as he wants. Plus, check out some exclusive clips from this weekend's episode!

The last thing to talk about is the comics side of the equation. You started out consulting on the comic tie-in DC puts out when it was just a mini series, and then you co-wrote for a while with Kevin Hopps, and now you're writing the book solo as last week we saw the first issue that fast-fowarded to the "Invasion" part of the timeline with #20. Reading that issue, it felt like you were revealing an awful lot of details there - stuff about Superboy and Ms. Martian's relationship as well as Ms. Martian's relationship with Beast Boy. How do you decide what details need to be in the show versus what can go on the page?

"Young Justice: Invasion's" eighth episode airs Saturday morning at 10:30 AM/9:30 AM Central

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