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Hope Larson's Superhero OGN Asks, "Who Is AC?"

Hope Larson's Superhero OGN Asks, "Who Is AC?" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 01:03 AM

Hope Larson dives into the superhero pool with illustrator Tintin Pantoja to ask "Who Is AC?" CBR spoke with her about telling the tale of a young girl who gains super powers and the responsibilities they carry.

With the ringing of a cell phone and a shower of rose petals, bookish teenage Lin transforms from an ordinary new-girl-in-town to a badass, spear-wielding superhero ready to battle a binary villain in the pages of Hope Larson's newest graphic novel, "Who Is AC?" Larson, who is best known for her winsome, magical works including "Chiggers," "Mercury" and her recent adaptation of Madeline L'Engle's "A Wrinkle In Time," is approaching the superhero genre for the first time -- with a twist.


This stand-alone book, illustrated by Tintin Pantoja, is closer to shojo manga and anime than your typical cape-and-cowl hero comic: think "Sailor Moon" with an extra helping of quick-witted, sarcastic humor. Pantoja compliments Larson's fiercely independent characters with bold black and white artwork that blossoms into purple highlights when Lin becomes her alter ego, AC.

An unlikely heroine, Lin would rather spend her time creating a 'zine for the local bookstore shelves than fighting bad guys. However, an unseen world of magic-via-technology infiltrates Lin's reality, forcing her to save the day rather than simply writing about it. No pressure, right? Wrong. An anonymous blogger has a lot to say about the new hero in town, and isn't shy about sharing his or her scathing reviews. Between trading blows and mending mistakes, Lin begins to discover exactly who she is, and who she wants to become.

Comic Book Resources spoke with Larson about her new work, digging a little deeper into the story, her collaboration with Pantoja and the possibility of finding more answers to the question, "Who Is AC?"

CBR News: I love that your first superhero story is still quite nerdy at its core, Lin being a writer, and technology being the platform for her powers. What inspired you to tell a superhero story?

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