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How to Build Bayonetta in Dungeons & Dragons

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  • Posted on 17th Sep, 2022 15:32 PM

Bayonetta is a master of magic, firearms, and seduction, making her an excellent template for a D&D character. Here's how to build her.

Since her debut in the 2009 video game of the same name, Bayonetta has become an icon within the gaming community. With a striking design and a unique fighting style that perfectly complements the ultra-violent and over-the-top nature of her soon-to-be trilogy, Bayonetta has bewitched gamers worldwide, with her following growing even bigger after she became a playable character in Super Smash Bros.

As a rebellious gun-toting witch who refuses to allow higher powers to decide her destiny and that of others, Bayonetta is an excellent template for any Dungeons & Dragons player looking to add demonic flair to their next character. While the sheer scope of Bayonetta's abilities means that no single class can grant her all her in-game abilities, anyone can build a character who emulates the self-proclaimed "Famed Witch" with a bit of careful planning and creative thinking.


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The Best D&D Race for Bayonetta

With her wide range of abilities, many feats would be excellent fits for Bayonetta, but perhaps the most appropriate one is Aberrant Dragonmark. From a thematic standpoint, Aberrant Dragonmark reflects Bayonetta's status as a "forbidden child" born from the unlawful union of two opposed clans. Not only does Aberrant Dragonmark give Bayonetta access to a cantrip and first level spell from the Sorcerer's spell list, but it also gives her a chance to gain an epic boon every time she increases a level.

In terms of spells, the most important one for Bayonetta is easily Eldritch Blast. Already a fantastic offensive spell, Eldritch Blast can be an excellent alternative to firearms if the DM isn't willing to allow them in their campaign. A maxed-out Eldritch Blast perfectly mirrors Bayonetta's ability to fire guns with her hands and feet. Summoning spells like Summon Lesser Demon and Summon Greater Demon are also perfect thematic matches for Bayonetta, especially if they are paired with the War Caster feat.

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