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How to Build Persona 5's Joker in Dungeons & Dragons

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  • Posted on 17th Sep, 2022 15:32 PM

Joker might be an unorthodox character to adapt to D&D, but his many abilities and great versatility can add a new layer to any campaign.

Dungeons & Dragons has greatly influenced role-playing video games, with many featuring leveling systems and role-playing features introduced in the classic tabletop game. However, none are still so connected to their D&D roots as the typical Japanese RPG, where a massive amount of beloved franchises still follow classic conventions like turn-based combat and calculations based on a d20 system. While placing its own spin on things, the Persona series of games follows a lot of traditional RPG systems to a faithful degree, with stories and encounters that fit right at home in a DnD campaign.


There is a popular trend of taking various fictional characters in pop culture and translating them as player characters in D&D campaigns. Joker from Persona 5 is a particularly good character to adapt, with a mostly blank slate allowing for a player to insert themselves as the iconic protagonist without breaking too much away from the image of the character. Joker's combative versatility and various social and magical abilities with his Persona also make him a must-have in any party.

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While Joker's methods may be dubious, he still has a strong sense of justice. The Phantom Thieves don't aspire to break the law so much as destroy its corruption, making him a clear-cut Chaotic Good. Joker's sheer charisma sways many to his cause, from chaotic to lawful alignments alike, as he ultimately knows what is right and wrong. While he is a thief, he will never steal from those who do not deserve it or cannot afford to lose the item, willing to share his fortune with others a la Robin Hood.

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