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How to Build Uncharted's Nathan Drake in Dungeons & Dragons

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  • Posted on 17th Sep, 2022 15:32 PM

Nathan Drake is one of the most beloved archeological adventurers in video gaming history. Learn how to build him for your D&D adventures.

Dungeons & Dragons can always use interesting new character builds, and the recent announcement of the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection and the upcoming release of the live-action Uncharted movie has sparked a resurging interest in this iconic Naughty Dog franchise and its protagonist. The swashbuckling roguish nature of Nathan Drake lends itself well to a variety of different adventure stories, fitting itself into the mold of an exciting D&D build. This is exemplified in the video game franchise itself, which utilizes mesmerizing locales, action-packed set pieces and epic storytelling.


It's become a popular trend for D&D players to create specialized builds to portray their favorite fictional characters. These kinds of builds are rewarding in both a strategic and role-playing standpoint, emphasizing both a player's creativity and performance in a particular campaign. A build for Nathan Drake is relatively simple to create in terms of background, race and abilities, so the main challenge for the player would be in capturing Nate's mannerisms in conversation and what decisions they would make in various situations.

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The Best D&D Races For Nathan Drake

As a Rogue, there are over 40 to choose from, but Nate will most likely be best suited for the Lucky feat, granting him additional d20s to roll for a given encounter. This reflects nicely on Nate's tendency to survive impossible situations, with the invisible health bar in the games canonically described as a "luck meter." Other feats that are appropriate include the Sharpshooter feat, which grants Nate a bonus to all long-ranged weaponry and attacks from behind cover, perfect for recreating the hectic shootouts for which the Uncharted series is known. Complementing Sharpshooter is the Crossbow Expert, ignoring disadvantage at close range and allowing for a hand crossbow to be used in the middle of a melee attack.

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