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James Lucas Jones Gives A 2012 Testim-Oni

James Lucas Jones Gives A 2012 Testim-Oni Image
  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 04:18 AM

The Editor-in-Chief of Oni Press, James Lucas Jones unpacks the publisher's recent string of news from on time shipping to a new logo,singing the praises of creator-owned books like "Sixth Gun," "Courtney Crumrin" and more.

Oni Press may be best known across the general population as the publisher of "Scott Pilgrim," but for the past 15 years, the company has remained one of the most consistent voices in indie comics. From serialized adventures like the acclaimed "Sixth Gun" series to long-awaied graphic novel projects like the just released "Sharknife Double Z," Oni has carved out a space in the comics market a bit different than the standard genre publishers. And in 2012, things will continue to be different.


After back-to-back announcements touting a 2011 slate where every comic offered shipped on time and a redesigned logo from their long-standing Dave Gibbons designed icon, CBR News reached out to Oni's Editor-in-Chief James Lucas Jones to takes stock of what changes have impacted how the company runs and how the current crop of Oni staff and talent plan to carry the publisher's "RevolutiONIze Comics" message forward.

Below, Jones explains the history of Oni from its roots in black and white indie comics through the graphic novel boom, tells how the tastes of its staff help shape projects like the just launhed "Secret History of D.B. Cooper" series as well as comics like "Black Metal," promises how they'll continue to make their ongoing monthlies not only timely but different than what's out from big houses like DC and Marvel and explains why creator-owned remains the company's stock-in-trade.

I'm exceptionally excited about "The Secret History of D.B. Cooper." I think it's amazing, and I love Brian Curilla's work. I think he's just an astounding creator and a wonderful human being. I already mentioned it too, but "Bad Medicine" is going to be a really fun series. That's great because we're kind of taking the comic paradigm as it's existed lately and turning it on its ear. In terms of story arcs and storytelling, we're going for a more compressed approach. It's an ongoing series where none of the arc last more than three issues. In our first year, there's three standalone issues, and most of the arcs are only two or three issues in lengths. I think things get drawn out too much these days, and while some people can handle that pacing masterfully, overall we wanted to do something different that's paced a little faster.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on Oni Press projects throughout 2012!

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