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Jeff Lemire Takes Aim At "Green Arrow"

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  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 07:18 AM

The writer of "Animal Man" and "Sweet Tooth" brings a grittier crime feel to DC's signature archer as Jeff Lemire draws on the work of Mike Grell, Denny O'Neil and more for a new take on "Green Arrow."

One year ago, even the most ardent fan of the character would have been hard pressed to declare Green Arrow one of the rising heroes in the DC Comics line. But with a hit TV series under his belt in The CW's "Arrow" (the character's second small screen run in recent years) and soon a place on the highly touted "Justice League of America," the Emerald Archer has more heat behind him than he's had in years. And DC hopes to capitalize on that this February 6 when it adds the creative team of Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino to its monthly "Green Arrow" series with issue #17.


The acclaimed cartoonist behind projects like the just completing "Sweet Tooth" and writer behind series like "Animal Man," Lemire my be bringing a different audience to the book than have already been on board with the superhero serial, and Sorrentino's work on DC's "I, Vampire" has earned him a reputation as one of the different, darker artists working at the publisher. Combined, the two hope to take Oliver Queen back to a more realistic, street-level feel.

CBR News spoke with Lemire about the tone he hopes to strike with the series, and below the writer explains why he came around to the idea of "Green Arrow," how the work of Mike Grell and Denny O'Neil influence his run, what it will take to expand the supporting cast beyond familiar faces and why he still hasn't seen "Arrow."

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