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Jeph Loeb's Comics Course From Cable To Nova

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  • Posted on 16th Sep, 2022 03:03 AM

The head of Marvel's TV division hasn't left comics behind, though Jeph Loeb explains to CBR how prepping shows like "Ultimate Spider-Man" has impacted his four-color work with books like "Avengers X-Sanction" and characters like Nova.

These days, Jeph Loeb spends most of his time plotting out the future of Marvel Entertainment's Television division where as head of the department for the superhero giant, he works as point man on everything from new animated seasons of "Ultimate Spider-Man" and "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" to planned live action offerings like a new "Incredible Hulk" drama and "Mockingbird." But just because the writer is hip deep in Marvel's small screen offerings, it doesn't mean he's left comic books behind.


"The short answer is that I wish I could do more [comics work] because I love the medium so much, and these are stories I love to tell," Loeb told CBR News recently. "But it's challenging when you're running Marvel Television to find the time. Oddly enough, when I was working on 'Smallville,' 'Lost' and 'Heroes,' they were my day job. I had the time to switch gears and write comics. That became a breakaway from what I was doing in TV. But now when you sit and you work all day on Spider-Man and the Hulk and the Avengers, to then go home and write Spider-Man, the Hulk and the Avengers, it becomes a challenge. So now I'm looking for situations I can work in that will really benefit everybody."

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