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Jim Rugg Designs A "Supermag"

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  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 02:18 AM

The indie cartoonist known for "Afrodisiac" and "Street Angel" gets personal with his latest project, a one-man anthology inspired by zine-making, "Eightball," '90s magazine design and Jim Rugg's personal favorite art.

Any comic reader who knows Jim Rugg's art knows that he can get pretty eclectic.

His first major project "Street Angel" was a mix of indie comics style, ninja hijinx and heartbreaking tales of living homeless, and his follow up with friend and writer Brian Maruca "Afrodisiac" mashed-up '70s exploitation movies, old school comics coloring and madcap sex comedies.

For his latest solo work, Rugg is scratching his deepest aesthetic itch - the various styles and shades that encompass glassy magazines of the 1990s. "Supermag" is a 56-page one-man show for Rugg, a collection of short comics, illustration pieces, design work and printing techniques shipping from AdHouse Books this May.


CBR News spoke to the artist about his influences on the project, and below Rugg explains how his love for zine-making, his education in art direction, classic alt comics anthologies like "Eightball" and his personal favorite pieces from the past few years of illustration work all combined to make "Supermag" an unlikely and awesome reality.

CBR News: Jim, how did you light upon this specific format for your next project? I was bummed that I didn't get a chance to buy one of your old comic advertisement zines when they were up for sale, but I did see some similarities between that project and this one.

"Supermag" ships to comic shops this May from AdHouse Books.

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