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Jon Goldwater Talks "Archie Meets Glee"

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  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 20:18 PM

The hit Fox TV show starring the singing students of McKinley High will dance their way into the pages of Archie Comics this fall, and CEO Jon Goldwater tells CBR how the company signed Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to write.

At this point, comic readers expect Archie Comics to roll out a ready-made pop culture crossover story with each new major convention. But on the heels of multiple headline-grabbing stories with new Riverdale cast member Kevin Keller and the "Archie Meets KISS" crossover, the publisher's next big blip pop culture radar will be even more musical.

Today in advance of Comic-Con International, Archie announced that it's cast of all-American teens will crossover with the cast of the Fox Network's hit drama "Glee" in a story arc written by playwrite, comics and TV scribe Roberto Aguirre Sacasa and drawn by company mainstay Dan Parent. Of course, aside from Aguirre-Sacasa's work on Broadway's "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" and comics including "Fantastic Four," the writer is currently on the staff of "Glee" as it enters its fourth season (not to mention the fact that the Archie gang proved a major inspiration for the characters in his play "The Golden Age" to the cease-and-desit chagrin of a previous Archie administration).


The "Archie Meets Glee" story arc will ship to comic shops early in 2013, once the series is back on the air full time. But before that, CBR News spoke with Archie Co-CEO Jon Goldwater about the origins of the move, the Archie gang's connection to music of all stripes and the future of the company's pop culture goals.

CBR News: Jon, Archie's recent string of "shake up" stories and mass media crossovers like "Archie Meets KISS" have definitely shined a spotlight on the company's output in a way few would have expected. What made a crossover with Fox's "Glee" the next ideal story in this group of stories, and how did you approach the show and Roberto to write this book?

I hope so! Roberto is working on the story as we speak, and it will, of course, incorporate traditional Archie Comics elements. Dilton is going to be a key figure in the book, and how all the music stuff transpires is something I'm giving Roberto free reign on. At some point, I'm sure you'll see The Archies in there and hopefully some other musical elements incorporated into the book.

It's early in the game now, but any time a crossover like this happens, I think the hope from the comics community is that this attention will draw in some more readers from the general pop culture population. Is there a chance we'll be seeing Archie comics work their way onto the air in "Glee's" next season somehow?

All I can tell you is "Fingers crossed." I hope so, and we're talking about that right now. I see Archie in the TV future, coming right down the pike.

Stay tuned for more Archie Comics news in CBR's coverage of Comic-Con International in San Diego.

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