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Jonathan Hickman Takes "Avengers" To "Infinity"

Jonathan Hickman Takes "Avengers" To "Infinity" Image
  • Posted on 17th Sep, 2022 00:03 AM

The man with the master plan, Jonathan Hickman joins Marvel E-i-C Axel Alonso this week to discuss the expanding cast of "Avengers" and how his parallel worlds build towards FCBD's "Infinity."

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Axel, what was the hook for you in Jonathan's overall approach that gets the job done you want on Marvel's biggest franchise?

Alonso: What draws me in is Jonathan's ability to take a mind-warping idea and simplify it so it's easy to understand. I can't reveal what Jonathan's specifically doing, but I'm reminded of the brilliant high concept that drove an otherwise mediocre science fiction movie called "Event Horizon," which explored the fate of a starship crew that, testing the theory that the shortest distance between two points is a line, actually BENDS space to bridge two points in spacetime. Simply put, they fold space like a piece of paper. Once they've reached their destination, however, the shit hits the fan because they discover the price of their gambit: in successfully opening a new gateway in spacetime, they leapt into another dimension of pure chaos, pure evil - hell - and it's still with them. To me, that was a brilliant science fiction concept that got lost in the jumble of a mediocre film, and but I'm left wondering what might have occurred if someone like, say, Walter Hill and Ridley Scott had tackled it.

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