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Jonathan Luna Goes Solo With "Star Bright and the Looking Glass"

Jonathan Luna Goes Solo With "Star Bright and the Looking Glass" Image
  • Posted on 15th Sep, 2022 18:03 PM

Jonathan Luna spoke with CBR on stepping out on his own with "Star Bright and the Looking Glass," a watercolor prose book from Image Comics hitting stores November 2012.

Jonathan and Joshua Luna broke into the comics scene through Image Comics in 2004 with their miniseries "Ultra," and since then the duo dubbed "The Luna Brothers" have created the fan favorite series' "The Sword" and "Girls." In early 2012, Joshua began his own ongoing title, "Whispers," and in November 2012 Jonathan Luna debuts his first solo project -- the prose story, "Star Bright and the Looking Glass" with Image.

The 72 page hardcover mixes narrative with Jonathan's watercolor paintings, focusing on the titular Star Bright, a beautiful young woman, and her animal friends. An all-ages story, "Star Bright" is a challenging change of pace for the Luna Brother, and CBR News spoke with him about the personal hurdles of creating the book, flying solo on his first project and where the idea originally spurned.


CBR News: How long have you been kicking around the idea of doing a storybook-type project like this?

Jonathan Luna: I kind of surprised myself with the decision to make a picture book. After "The Sword" ended, I took a two-year sabbatical, but I was still creating. I played with photography and film, and I learned how to paint with oil, acrylic and watercolor. For the past decade I've wanted to make an art book -- which I still might do -- but as I got into it, I questioned its meaningfulness. I realized it was missing the story element I was used to working with in comics. So I decided to do a fairy-tale picture book. I've been working on "Star Bright and the Looking Glass" since December 2011.

There's definitely been a certain kind of imagery in my head I've been dying to put on paper. I've been into pop surrealism for many years, so I wanted to incorporate that kind of art into my new work. I wanted it to be ethereal and a little dark. That may not completely come across in the work, but it's at least inspired by it. Also, the theme of beauty runs throughout my other works with Joshua, and it's central in this book. But, ultimately, this is a story about friendship.

Also, I don't think I'm going to call "Star Bright and the Looking Glass" a "storybook." The term implies it's more for children. I'm hoping anyone of any age will read it.

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