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Landing Marvel NOW!, Expanding Ultimate

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  • Posted on 17th Sep, 2022 00:32 AM

After a winning week for sales on the Marvel NOW! relaunch, Axel Alonso tells how strong performances for the likes of "Deadpool" impacts the line, digs into the "Ultimate Wolverine" launch and takes questions on "Young Avengers" & more.

EXCLUSIVE: "Punisher Nightmare" #3 pages by Mark Texiera

Finally, randomlee26 has this to share: "The Young Avengers was the first comic book I ever read, and I was hooked from then on for two reasons: 1) Because it was a good entry point to the Marvel Universe, and 2) It had two relatable gay teens (I went as Wiccan for Halloween one year). This is kind of a weird question, but since Marvel has several quality LGBT characters, has there ever been any thoughts about doing a one-shot or a mini focused around the LGBT experience in the Marvel U?"

Alonso: randomlee26, one of the staples of Marvel Comics is reflecting the world in all its diversity so there are a few characters and series that might touch upon what you're talking about. For starters, Wiccan and Hulkling continue to be an important part of Kieron [Gillen] and Jamie's [McKelvie's] relaunch of "Young Avengers." And Northstar and his partner Kyle, along with Karma are key cast members of "Astonishing X-Men."

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