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Lex Luthor's 10 Greatest Humiliations In DC Comics

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  • Posted on 03rd Oct, 2022 15:31 PM

Lex Luthor is one of the greatest villains in comics, but that doesn't mean he hasn't suffered a number of humiliating losses over the years.

The diabolical Lex Luthor has been on a mission to rid the Earth of Superman for over eighty years. While he claims to fight for the greater good, Luthor is undoubtedly one of the most prolific villains of all time. From cheating death to bending the Man of Steel to his will, his evil genius knows no bounds.

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That said, it's difficult for anyone to keep a clean record for eight decades, even "the greatest mind of the age." Constantly conniving and self-determined to the point of arrogance, Luthor's intellect is a weapon that occasionally backfires. His schemes are repeatedly foiled by Superman and his pals, and Lex takes failure personally. Some outcomes are more humiliating than others.


10/10 Luthor's First Plan Fails Twice

The planet Lexor was named for its water-bearing, title-fighting "savior." Lex started a family there before returning to Earth for more villainy. When Superman saves him from his own equipment in Action Comics #544, written by Cary Bates with pencils by Curt Swan, ink by Murphy Anderson, and colors by Anthony Tollin, the deeply ashamed Lex heads to Lexor to recoup.

Luthor questions his evil nature before deciding to terrorize Lexor. When Superman appears, Lex dons his new power suit to fight back. A laser misfires, striking the planet's core, and Lex watches his wife and son scream as the planet explodes. Superman cannot save them but does save Luthor, adding to Luthor's greatest failure and most historic humiliation.

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